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San Francisco Bay Aria Big Game Fishing

San Francisco Bay Sturgeon Fishing Charters

Sturgeon Fishing
(Acipenser transmontanus)

This diamond-backed giant of the Bay can grow into the three digit class. Anadramous, this lunker fish lurks in the muddy waters of the Bay and travels into the Delta to spawn. Often responsible for yanking unsuspecting anglers' fishing gear into the water, breaking tackle without being seen, and jumping several feet into the air when hooked, this monster can provide hours of fight. Sturgeon are most commonly caught by still fishing bait. See season chart for best fishing.

 King Salmon Fishing
(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

Largest of the Pacific salmon, this fish averages 10 to 15 pounds with a large showing of 25 to 45 pounders in the Bay. An important commercial and sport fish, salmon begin their lives in freshwater, migrate to the sea to mature, and return to freshwater to spawn after 2 to 4 years in the ocean. In the Bay Area, salmon are commonly caught by trolling and mooching. See season chart for best fishing.

San Francisco Bay Salmon Fishing Charters
San Francisco Bay Halibut Fishing Charters

California Halibut Fishing
(Paralichthys Californicus)

This huge, right-eyed flatfish are among the largest fish in the sea. Averaging 5 to 15 pounds in the Bay, large ones in excess of 30 pounds are common. This large cousin of the flounder spends its life in the ocean on sandy bottoms where it can hide then migrates into the Bay to spawn. Halibut are commonly caught by bait-bouncing, trolling, and vertical jigging. See season chart for best fishi


Striped Bass Fishing

(Morone saxatilis)

This anadramous cousin to the rockcod was introduced to the Bay Area in 1886 from the East Coast. These voracious sport fish school up on reefs and structure where they ambush baitfish and other fare. "Schooly stipers" average between 5 to 10 pounds and lunkers between 15 to 35 pounds are a common catch. These linesiders are often caught by casting jigs, trolling, bait-bouncing, and still-fishing bait. See season chart for best fishing.


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San Francisco Bay Striped Bass Fishing Charters

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